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About Rise & Shine magazine

Rise & Shine is a digital download magazine and community with inspiration for navigating life's journey through these times of great change.

Founded and published by Carol Anne Strange (Yanraya) in the summer of 2021, Rise & Shine is about taking responsibility for our well-being and making small changes that will create a better life for ourselves and the world around us.

As a good-hearted independent magazine that's created on the foundations of integrity, truth, kindness and respect for freedom of choice, each issue of Rise & Shine aims to provide insights, ideas, information and solutions for these transformational times. As 'awakened' beings, we recognise our sovereignty. We know that we are here to live in our full expression, to share our gifts, and to bring more light into the world.

Upbeat and inspiring, each issue features holistic well-being, shared wisdom, higher awareness, nourishment and joyful living. Our Community and Noticeboard pages provide a hub of useful information and connections with like-hearted souls.

The digital download magazine is available on a 'pay what you want' basis. Most readers donate £5 per issue, but you can also download for free if you have limited finances at this time. Download the current issue today.

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