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Making a Difference

Rise & Shine isn't just a publication for navigating life's journey as a sovereign soul. It is a community of like-hearted kin - people with vision and energy for creating a bright new earth experience that is more inspired and wholesome.

We are here for this time to consciously align with right thought - right action, to share our gifts, and to live a gentler, holistic and more natural life that supports one another. We are here to transcend the toxicity in the world that has kept people sick, poor and enslaved. We are here to breathe deeply, live joyfully, and be free to bloom.

You're probably feeling a deep calling to make changes for the better in your life. This is your higher self reminding you that you're here to make a difference in your own beautiful, unique way. Perhaps you are called to grow organic veggies or create a community with like-hearts or learn practical skills you can share or home-educate your children or take a natural approach to improving your health or something else... It is time to align right intention with right action and be the change we wish to see.

One of my roles on the earth journey is to facilitate Rise & Shine... the magazine and community where you can find ideas, insights and inspiration for creating an empowered and wholesome life. But once fully realised, I see Rise & Shine being able to support small-scale new earth initiatives.

From issue 3, there will be an opportunity to take out an annual membership to the Rise & Shine community. Your membership will provide download access to each magazine throughout the year as well as additional guides, info-graphics and other printables.

After covering time and expenses of running Rise & Shine, my vision is to build a fund to help contribute towards a variety of projects such as growing fruit forests, community organic allotments and sovereign communities. Not only will your membership provide you with access to Rise & Shine publications, you'll also be supporting conscious change-makers.

The current magazine is now available. You can download it right now.

If you'd like to become a Rise & Shine member, sign up to the free notification email to receive details once the membership launches.

We are here to shine. ♡